Doctor Who C2C and past projects

Wow what a great first week I have had!  I have now got so many commissions that I have now had to set up a waiting list! Lovely problem to have.  By far the most popular item are baby booties that look like converse trainers.  They are a bit fiddly to make but lots of fun.  Because of their popularity I am going to do a separate blog post about these (the next one probably).

So when I haven’t been making booties I have been working on the C2C Doctor Who graphghan which I finally started this week.  It’s my first time doing any kind of graphghan and also my first time using the C2C method, I do like to put myself on a learning curve!  It’s going well so far I think.  I got the patterns from a lovely blog called Two Hearts Crochet.  Here’s the link if anyone would like a look

I’m going to make mine larger than hers I think as I want to a square for each of the 12 doctors (better finish it quick before I have a replacement for Capaldi to do as well :D)  However I’m not sure how my husband would feel about me leaving out the war doctor so may do that square as well and then some other squares to make it into a 16 square blanket.

So back to the graphghan, for anyone who doesn’t know what a graphghan is, it is basically a blanket made by following a chart and changing colours on each row to gradually build up a picture.  Sort of a crochet colour by numbers if you will.  If you are doing the graph in sc (single crochet, I’m English but always use American crochet terms) you would work from the bottom row upwards changing colour each time the colour changes on the chart.  A C2C (corner to corner) blanket is a bit different as you start with a corner and build up the blanket on the diagonal until you reach the opposite corner, hence the name. This means that you have to work across the chart diagonally rather than horizontally but the principle is the same in both cases.


This basically means that you have to have lots of small balls of wool attached at the same time which as I have quickly learnt often all get tangled together.  I have had a bit of a nosey online and seen that a lot of people use clothes pegs as bobbins and they actually work very well.  In the picture below you can see them all.  So pegs as bobbins is a definite win.  I now really need to find a method of keeping the bobbins untangled.  On some of the crochet groups I am on people have created all sorts of Heath Robinson type contraptions to try to solve this problem, mainly involving pieces of dowel mounted on wood.  To be honest these feel a bit beyond me so I am going to try another method I have seem which basically involves clipping your clothes pegs bobbins onto a wire coat hanger.  I have just managed to procure a coat hanger that will do the job so will try this out and let you know the results.


I’m happy with the way this is looking, I love the pixelated designs of the doctors, it makes them feel like old 8 bit computer game characters, which as my husband is also into retro gaming I am hoping will go down well.  I mentioned in my last post I have made a number of Doctor Who related items in the past so I thought I would show them to you in this post.

I’m wary about showing you this first piece but then I thought I would as it shows my ‘journey’ if you will.  It’s a tardis as you tell,  I can’t locate the exact pattern.  It was the first 3d piece I ever made and I really don’t like it.  The tension is mixed, the construction isn’t great and the embroidery is messy BUT I enjoyed making it and it taught me a lot.  I’ve always made my progress with crochet by pushing myself and making new and different things, they don’t always work out perfectly but they build my skills.  I’m half tempted to have another go at this and compare the two, it would be interesting to see the difference.


Next is a dalek, it’s from a lovely free pattern by Lucy Ravenscar which you can download here  Really happy with this one, looks great.  Sadly the pattern specifies that you cannot sell items made using it so I am unable to take commissions for these.


Next is William Hartnell.  Link to the pattern can be found on this blog  I love how this one turned out too and making the other doctors is on my to do list at some point


Weeping angel is up next, this is a quick small and simply pattern that I found here  It’s pretty cute I think.


And last but by no means least my Tom Baker oversized scarf that I made for my husband last Christmas.  I love how this turned out and it’s a real statement piece.  My husband gets lots of comments when he’s wearing it.  I can’t find the exact link to the pattern I used but there are a few online for free if you search.


Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my work and I look forward to updating you on my progress with the blanket


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